EM Studio Tour 2019

Studio Tour 2019

This year's Open Artist Studio Tour on June 1 from 12-5 pm features the work of dozens of artists in their personal studios, as well as artists exhibiting work in various venues and galleries. All addresses are in Evanston, unless otherwise noted.

Evanston Made Members with Artist Pages will have links to their page.

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Open Artist Studios

The following artists will be opening their studios from 12-5pm.

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Noyes Cultural Arts Center - 927 Noyes Street

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Midwest Clay Guild - 1601 Payne Street

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WARE Ceramics - 1040 Wesley Ave

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1100 Florence Galley - 1100 Florence Ave.

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Boundary Issues - 942 Pitner Ave

"Boundary Issues" is an exhibition of art installations by 12 Evanston artists in an empty warehouse space. It was curated by Lisa Degliantoni.

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Alley Gallery - 1712 Sherman Ave, Rear #2

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The Saw Room Gallery - 1712 Sherman Ave, Rear #2

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Nice Lena & Friends - 1235 Chicago Ave

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Ice House Gallery - 609 South Blvd

[Best_Wordpress_Gallery id="40" gal_title="Ice House Gallery"]

Space 900 - 816 Dempster Street

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Perspective Photo Gallery - 1310 1/2 Chicago Ave

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Mill Creek Miniatures - 1127 Florence

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Rembrandt Chamber Musicians - 1522 Greenleaf Street

Rembrandt Chamber Musicians will be displaying artwork by Josefien Stoppelenburg and Sandra Eiger Miller during the Studio Tour hours.
Short musical performances will also happen throughout the day.

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Stumble & Relish - 1312 Chicago Ave

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Secret Treasures - 605 Dempster

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Guitar Works - 709 Main St,

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Open Studio Projects - 903 Sherman Avenue

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Trajectory - 1601 Payne Street, Suite A

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Connections Health - 1854 Sherman Ave.

Connections Health will be displaying their Private Collection with work on display and information about Evanston artists Dana De Ano, Beth Adler, Janet Webber, Joanna Kramer, and other artists.

Featured Artist Dana De Ano will show her new completed art and work in progress as a special exhibit, and will discuss her creative process and materials she uses.

Connections Health, which provides counseling and education services for individuals, families, and groups, will discuss the importance of art in their environment and in their work.

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