EVANSTON, IL – In celebration of Art for Earth Month, Evanston Made publishes the “Evanston Loves Nature” coloring book, designed to engage kids of all ages (and adults) with Evanston’s flora, fauna and wild animals. 

The concept originated as part of Evanston Made’s Art for the Earth Month to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Earth Day.  “We are hopeful that it can become a resource for families to share, creating art, appreciating the beauty of Evanston, and learning about all the living things that share our space.” says LIz Cramer, Co-Director of Evanston Made. 

This coloring book was created as a collaboration between Evanston Made and Citizens Greener Evanston (CGE). Evanston Made artists Liz and Ron Cramer, Lisa Haskin, Mardy Sears, Jane Sloss and Shruti Vijay, contributed original art. Rachel Rosner of CGE, provided educational and fun content and resources for all ages as to explore the green spaces of Evanston.  

The coloring book includes coloring pages, an interactive Google map of Evanston gardens, parks and nature spots to explore on nature walks and a Earth Heart sign for kids to place in windows to show Evanston’s love for the Earth.  

Evanston Loves Nature coloring book is available for download at https://evanstonmade.org/evanston-loves-nature-coloring-book/