Evanston Loves Nature Coloring Book

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Bring Nature Indoors!

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Our Evanston Loves Nature Coloring Book is the perfect activity for nature lovers young and old. Spend your indoor time creating beautiful pictures and learning Evanston nature facts through pages drawn by Evanston Made artists!

You can download and print individual pages or the whole book.

The Evanston Loves Nature Coloring Book was created as a collaboration between Evanston Made and Citizens Greener Evanston (CGE). Evanston Made artists Liz and Ron Cramer, Lisa Haskin, Mardy Sears, Jane Sloss and Shruti Vijay, contributed original art. Rachel Rosner of CGE, provided educational and fun content and resources for all ages as to explore the green spaces of Evanston.

Pay What You Wish

We are offering the Coloring Book to the public as a "pay what your wish" model. Suggested price is 5$ - 10$. You may also print out pages for FREE.

A portion of the proceeds from sale of coloring books will go to onetreeplanted.org to further their mission of global reforestation. Remaining proceeds go to Evanston Made Art Spark Fund, providing grants for Evanston artists. Printed on FSC 100% recycled paper.


    One, two or all pages of the book are available for any price option.
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