This December, Evanston Made will co-host events at 921 Church St., with our members, patrons and community partners. 

Evanston Made is a non profit arts organization founded on inclusion and equity, everyone is always invited to the party. Below is a list of organizations and individuals we are honored to share the gift of 921 Church St. with. See you in December. 

Holiday Market December Events

Wed., Dec. 8, Latinx Community Gathering. 6-9p

Thurs., Dec. 9, Latinx Artisan Market, 5-7p

Thurs., Dec. 9, FirstRepair Reception. 8:30-10p

Fri., Dec. 10, Art Films: Love Dog by Rob Larson. RSVP. 6-8p 

Sat., Dec. 11, Performance: ede2 Duke Ellington Nutcracker Suite. 3-5p.

Sat., Dec. 11, Evanston Rules: Community Conversation, 4-6p

Sun., Dec. 12, Caldwell Project LIVE vibraphone, 1-3p

Sun., Dec. 12, One For The Books Literary Festival. Info. 1-4p

Sun., Dec. 12, Performance: Las Cartas de Frida. Tickets. 6p

Mon., Dec. 13, Screening & Fundraiser of Fly Brother with Ernest White. RSVP, 7-9p 

Tues., Dec. 14, Tango Workshop and Social Dance. INFO, 6-9p

Wed., Dec. 15, Sip n Sketch with Shruti Vijay. RSVP, 6p

Wed., Dec. 15, Meet the Holiday Market Makers. RSVP, 5-7p

Thurs., Dec. 16, Kids Create Change Fundraiser. Tickets. 7-10p

Fri., Dec. 17, Black Women of Evanston Shopping Event. RSVP. 4-7p

Sat. & Sun, Dec. 18 & 19, Vinyl & Vintage Tee Sale with Dustin Harris, INFO. 12-6p 

Sat., Dec. 18, Baker Business School Pop Up Fundraiser for Evanston Made, 12-2p


More Info

Annie Coakley and Laura Brown with Downtown Evanston negotiated with GW Properties to gift Evanston Made the old Urban Outfitters space at the corner of Maple and Church in Downtown Evanston. 13,000 sq ft of vacant retail space was gifted to Evanston Made to create an immersives retail and art experience. 

Evanston Made put together a team of volunteers and staff to create this pop up. Liz Cramer manages the store, Kathy Halper curates the 2D art, and Lisa Degliantoni curates art installations and programming. Evanston Made worked with more than 150 members on this project and it’s a must see destination before it comes down on Dec. 19. See opening night party photos by Yancey Hughes here

Holiday Market Hours; Wednesday – Saturday, 12-7p. Sunday 11a – 5p. 

Market final day Dec. 19.

Send questions to info[at] 

Evanston Made is a non profits arts organization with a mission to connect Evanston creatives to the community through year round programming.

Evanston Made’s programming takes hundreds of hours of work from our members, volunteers, and staff. And Evanston Made programming is essential to fulfilling  our mission to connect Evanston creatives to the broader community. 

If you’ve enjoyed our programming this year and would love to see even more in the year to come, we need your support to continue our success in 2022. 

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