Art for the Earth 2022!

Join us in creating an outdoor nature art exhibit across Evanston this April in celebration of Earth Month! Evanston Made invites the public to create outdoor art experiences across parks, green spaces and yards!

April 1 through 30, the public is invited to create visual treasures throughout Evanston to surprise and delight visitors. Projects can range from the simplest activities that children can produce to thought provoking installations created by professional artists.

How to Participate

Create your own Nature Art through Evanston and share with us on social media #evanstonmade and complete the form here.

How to Participate with art:

There is no need to “pre-register” with Evanston Made! Just create your art and install after April 1.

  • Create your nature art and install in a public space or your own yard within Evanston.
  • Take a photo of your art and upload photo and location to social media and the Evanston Made website
  • Share photo of your nature art on social media using #evanstonmade #evanstonartconnects
  • Fill out the form below so we can share your art and location!

What kind of art can I make? We encourage participants to make “nature art”, or art that uses natural materials that can be found outdoors. This can be sculptures created in the parks or art pieces created at home/studio. Check out our Winter Wonderland gallery for ideas or the hashtag #landart on Instagram.

Any materials brought in will need to be removed by May 1, 2021 and are the responsibility of the artist. Deinstallation will happen on a case by case basis.


  • What is nature art? We are encouraging people to make art using materials they find in nature. We are also happy to hang non-natural pieces such as yarn art and painted boxes. BUT they must be removed at the end of the month!
  • Will the art be protected? Absolutely not! Do not hang or install anything valuable. In addition to snow, rain and wind, it would not be surprising to find art disrupted by human interference.


Evanston Made is a membership-based 501(c)3 nonprofit arts organization in Evanston, IL. with a mission to connect artists and artisans to art enthusiasts and also to provide community and professional development to our members to further their careers. Membership is open to artists, artisans, makers who make everything from art to clothes to music. We also welcome members who are art lovers and patrons who want to help us carry out our mission. EIN# 84-3971750