Congratulations to Lea Pinsky and Dustin Harris with the Evanston Mural Arts Program on another awesome mural in Evanston, making 13 new murals throughout Evanston in 2021! Yesterday, on MLK Day 2022, Evanston turned up to celebrate “Resolved,” the text-based mural by Ben Blount

Ben, artist, designer, and letterpress printer, painted the mural “Resolved,” under the CTA viaduct on Washington and Custer, with the help of Daniel Burnett, Lea Pinsky and Dustin Harris. 

This text-based mural, was created in partnership with Main Dempster Mile with funding from the Evanston Arts Council, and draws language from the City of Evanston’s 2019 Resolution to End Structural Racism and Achieve Racial Equality. The mural reads: Whereas, City of Evanston Embraces, Believes, Recognizes, Acknowledges, Declares & Affirms

On June 10, 2019, the Evanston City Council voted unanimously to adopt a resolution affirming the City’s commitment to end structural racism and achieve racial equity. Read that resolution here

From – “Our Evanston Mural Arts Program exists to make art available to all.” Launched in 2017, the goal of EMAP is to uplift and beautify neighborhoods with mural art through creative partnerships with community organizations, schools, and business districts. We pair professional artists with community members and youth to create large-scale public works of art that last for years to come. 

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Pictured left to right; Mayor Daniel Biss, Dr. Larry Murphy, Ben Blount, Cecily Fleming, Katherine Gotsick

Photography by Joerg Metzner,